Mini: $  .75 ea.
Regular: (Featured Flavor prices may vary) $2.00 ea.
Jumbo: $2.75 ea.

Signature:Vanilla meets cookie dough & chocolate chips ride the swirl of hot pink buttercream in our exclusive cupcake

Jerry Lee:An irresistable combination of chocolate, cookie dough, peanut butter, chocolate chip, and fudge with a special signature from a special dog

Luca B: A chocolate cupcake with a marshmallow caramel center, a half and half swirl of chocolate & vanilla butter cream icings, and a signature white chocolate paw print on top.

6-pack Mix & Match (Regular Size):  $10.75
12-pack Mix & Match (Regular Size):  $20.50
12-pack Mini Cupcakes: $8.00

Pastries & More
Italian Love Knots - Light and fluffy lemon pastries with a subtle lemon glaze
3 Pack: $4.00 ea.
Scones - Fluffy dough with a variety of flavors baked in cut into tasty triangles
4 Pack: $5.00 ea.
Muffins - Just like grandma used to make!
Assorted Flavors: $2.00 ea.

Cookie Sandwiches
Our oversized chewy and delicious chocolate chip cookies with buttercream frosting in the center make this cookie heaven.
Reg & Double Chocolate: $2.75
Cakes 9"x9" Square in Tin
Choc/w Peanut Butter: $10.95
Choc/w Choc: $10.95
Choc w/ Buttercream: $10.95
Vanilla w/ Buttercream: $10.95
Vanilla w/Chocolate: $10.95
Red Velvet: $11.95
Banana: $11.95
Orange Creamsicle: $11.95
Strawberry Shortcake: $13.95
Single Layer Slices: $  3.50 ea.
Double Layer Slices: $  4.00 ea.
Featured Flavor Double Layer Slices: $  4.25 ea.

Cheese Cakes
Whole: $32.00 ea.
Slice: $5.25 ea.
Variety of Flavors Available!

Each: $1.25 ea.
Tray: $7.00 ea.
Available in a variety of flavors such as chocolate overload, rocky road, peanut butter surprise, and creme de menthe.

Other Specialties
Tandy Cake - Rich vanilla cake topped with peanut butter and a semi-sweet chocolate coating
Slice: $2.75 ea.
Parfaits: $4.00 ea.
Oreo®, Strawberry Shortcake, Banana, and many more...